True Peace

I have come to a fresh understanding of what it means to be “saved.” It means that you got on the boat when you saw it coming, when you saw it docked nearby. Then, you had the smarts to say: “Please give me a ticket,” and you climbed aboard.

All it takes is a simple, heart-felt prayer:

“Lord Jesus, please forgive me for the wrongs I’ve done. Please be my Savior.”

Christians sometimes wonder what life might have been like if they had not gotten on board with God. “What if I had just kept on going, totally focused on having fun?”

The real answer: It was not really that fun.

In our sober moments we remember that life back in “Egypt” was lots harder. We remember that we felt no deep-down peace.

Christians, too, can struggle and suffer at times. The big difference is that now you know you have a true Friend who is walking beside you. A Friend who will never, ever leave you. 

This is the True Peace.


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