Learning to be glad for the good things

I used to go through life like I was wearing dark glasses, viewing the downside of everything and keeping myself depressed. Imagining future crises. This affected my closest relationships and drained all the joy from my life.

Sadly, I missed out on lots of present-moment happiness.

Then one day I heard God say clearly: 

“Don’t be greedy, always wishing for that one more thing that you think you missed out on. Be grateful instead! Look around you right now. See all the wonderful blessings you have in your life at THIS VERY MOMENT. Be very glad for them. Don’t rob yourself of these great joys! You worked so hard to get to this good place. You are also in a happier place than when you went through those really painful things in the past. However, in getting through those times, you developed courage and strong muscles! 

Now—use that strength and make your commitment to be glad, not greedy!”

Right away, I felt peaceful.


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