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Welcome to your safe place! I hope these heart-felt messages will encourage those of you who feel you're going down for the last time. I know it feels scary to be in that spot; I've been there. However--whether or not you believe in the original Creator, I encourage you to read further. My suggestion is, like they say at Al Anon: “Take what’s good and leave the rest.” You may just discover a loving Higher Power has been holding you up all this time. Hey—you’re still here!

Finding my way “home”—to finally feeling I was in a safe place—took time. I’m learning to take the risk to be open to a closer relationship with those who have proven they genuinely love and value me. Without the love and compassion, patience and ongoing forgiveness of my two children, my life would have been…well, I can’t imagine how much harder it would have been. Much colder and lonelier.

My "Lifetime Movie" would show me eventually learning how to feel safe and okay, even during major “floods.” The movie would show me starting to talk to God on a daily basis, sometimes pouring out prayers with tears; then, always finding out that God is there, listening and caring. Acting on my behalf; doing those things I can’t do for myself. I need His help to live a good life. I always will.

I don't believe that God is ever furious with me; God really just wants me to live well and be happy and healthy—exactly what you want for your children.

True, my Divine Parent sometimes leads me to places I’d rather not go, to “grow me up.” But, I’m learning to smile at the temporary discomfort and not be disabled by fear, because now I know things will always get better.

I’m awed by all God has given me and taught me. As I’ve been putting together these messages, old hurts have been healed and replaced with compassion for those who pushed me to learn God’s lessons for me. New insights have come, enabling me to see others and myself in a new, more kindly light.

Some days I feel a bit like Joseph (read Genesis, chapters 37-50) when he first got tossed into the pit. But, I am seeing now that even those things which deeply hurt at the time did not get in the way of God’s great, unfolding plan for me. I see that God has been teaching me, all this time, many wonderful lessons. I’ve been thrown a life-preserver, and I’m grabbing onto it. The life preserver is God’s Grace, and it’s free!

I pray that you, too, will find your way on board God’s Ark and let it carry you to higher, dryer ground.

I wish you a good journey. Godspeed!


  1. Awesome message. Thanks for sharing. God's good is constantly unfolding for all of us!

    1. Yes, you are so right! Even when we go through dark times, He gives us things to be glad about!

  2. Listen to this beautiful song-prayer...and feel God's deep-down peace: #the blessing #uk

    Listen to David Wilkerson’s sermon on God’ Ark of Safety.


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