All for the Good -- New Birth!

When the rug flies out from under you, or some major change occurs in your life that you were not expecting and do not want, you feel shocked…sad…hurt.

You are going along as usual, worrying about the usual annoyances, when suddenly EVERYTHING CHANGES. You receive news that your project or your contract is ending. Or, something else happens that is totally unexpected...and, it feels terrifying. 

Your first reaction is: NO! This is not happening. This cannot happen to me! I’m a good person. I’ve been kind to others. I’ve done my very best. How can this be? How could God let this happen?

Change. Horrid change. Then the flood of feelings starts. Chaotic, mind-numbing worry thoughts wash over you. Desperate 3 a.m. fears. The feeling of drowning. Not wanting to get up in the morning. You feel like you’re dying.

You want so much to stop the room from whirling around you. You try grabbing onto the first “prop” you can lay hands on. Anything to stop the pain and chaos. But it doesn’t work.

You’re left alone with those old dreams, which now seem like weed-choked gardens. But now—it’s time to dig up the weeds and resurrect some of those dusty dreams, which you set aside while you were caring for others. Ask God to show you a good next step in the direction of some of those dreams you used to yearn for.

Later on down the road you will see how this life event you have been resisting so vigorously nudged you onto a new, life-giving path. You’ll see (in time) that it fit perfectly into God’s wonderful plan for you. You will be able to say with Joseph: “God meant it for good!” (Genesis 50:20)

Cry your tears. Then, dry your eyes and take some new action. Know that the “flood” will not overwhelm you. Know that God is right there with you, working it all out for your good. “And we know that ALL things work together for good to them that love God….” (Romans 8:28) God’s Grace will keep you afloat.

See it as a gift. Know that every ending is a BEGINNING.
Let your healing—and your NEW LIFE—BEGIN.

Now, God says: “You’re not dying. YOU’RE JUST BEING BORN!!”  
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