Love in Action

Recently I read the story in John 13 where Jesus showed love in action—by washing the disciples’ feet. He said (paraphrased): “I insist you love each other and show it by action.” These days foot-washing is not normal procedure when a friend comes to visit. However, there are many different and wonderful ways to express your genuine love for someone.

Love-in-action could mean that I allow my loved ones freedom. I respect their choices without criticizing, when it’s not what I would do. When they don’t seem to need me as much as I need them, I try hard not to act hurt and angry. Instead, I try to understand what they are going through. I try to put myself in their place. Maybe there’s something I don’t know (and, there ALWAYS IS). I ask myself: "If I were that person, how would I possibly be feeling?"
It’s like foot-washing. You may feel “one-down” and humbled when you care about someone and they don’t seem to return that same degree of love. The human reaction is to get angry and act like: “I don’t care about you, either!” But you do. You’re just hurting.
Now, instead of responding in anger when I feel unloved, I’ve decided to do something different. That may just mean not coming back with a quick retort when I feel: criticized...hurt...left out...unseen or ignored.

My understanding of God’s love for me leads me to trust that, in time, God will bring plenty of love my way. 

I may also need to do something different from my old patterns.

It's worth it.


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