A Salute to Larry

My dear friend, Larry, a courageous man of God, recently went to be with our Lord.
Larry, I can almost hear your voice now, like a cry in the wilderness. Everyone you met, you pleaded with to turn to Jesus Christ, “the same yesterday and today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8).

Your strong faith in a wonderful and generous Creator-Father reminded me of what’s truly important—trusting our lives to Him. I remembered, too, to daily thank God for my two awesome children, my gifts from God. Your unwavering trust in God’s goodness renewed my own faith when it was faltering.

You’ve never been afraid to speak your faith or stand up for what you believe. I remember the night my son said: “Larry gave me pamphlets to read on the Creation, and I’m going to read them!” Whether you were talking to a friend, a new acquaintance or the President of the United States, your testimony remained the same.

I remember the glow on your face and your shining eyes when you showed me your replica of Noah’s Ark; you were planning to display it at the children’s Vacation Bible School. They would have loved the colorful plastic animals! Your long-term dream was to teach College Creation Science. The students who received you for a professor would have been the lucky ones!

Your compassion and caring toward others have been truly amazing. Thank you for all the kindnesses you and your lovely wife Diane did for me.

A few months ago, God called you home to Heaven; His gain was our loss. However, I know we will meet you soon at the Great Heavenly Reunion. You will be standing in front of the class teaching about the Glorious Creation. Your eyes will be shining.


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