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To the hurting one - a letter from God

Dear Child, this earthly life is just a dream, like a reflection on the water. The enemy is trying to tell you that this current trouble you’re going through will last forever. It won’t. Right now is just the dress rehearsal. You are being prepared for Opening Night--the Real Thing! I know these past few months have been hard. Very hard. I hurt when you hurt. But, an end to this is coming. After this will come the start of something new and truly wonderful. See, I am doing a new thing! Isaiah 43:19   Just last longer! I love you.

Free Here Now

During a recent period of Christian meditation, I heard the Lord say this: It doesn’t matter so much how long you are here, dear Child. This is just your “earth suit” you are wearing now! It’s the “wanting to cling” onto things, wanting "everything to stay the same”…that causes suffering. Let go of clinging and start to feel your true freedom! What is really important is to fulfill your purpose here, My purpose for you here on this earth. Once you get a vision of what your purpose is, then you are truly free!

True Peace

I have come to a fresh understanding of what it means to be “saved.” It means that you got on the boat when you saw it coming, when you saw it docked nearby. Then, you had the smarts to say: “Please give me a ticket,” and you climbed aboard. All it takes is a simple, heart-felt prayer: “Lord Jesus, please forgive me for the wrongs I’ve done. Please be my Savior.” Christians sometimes wonder what life might have been like if they had not gotten on board with God. “What if I had just kept on going, totally focused on having fun?” The real answer: It was not really that fun. In our sober moments we remember that life back in “Egypt” was lots harder. We remember that we felt no deep-down peace. Christians, too, can struggle and suffer at times. The big difference is that now you know you have a true Friend who is walking beside you. A Friend who will never, ever leave you.  This is the True Peace.

Getting what you want

These days when a gloomy thought pops into my mind, like when I’m waiting for the next “shoe to drop,” or when some imagined crisis looms…I now make a conscious choice to replace the gloomy: “I really don’t want X-Y-Z to happen!” I now replace that with this: “ This is what I really want and need: _____. Dear Lord, please show me my next steps toward getting it. Thank you!” Recently, I heard God say: “Get a beautiful vision for your life. Include what you really want for each of your relationships. Continue to thank Me for guiding you along the best paths for achieving your dreams. Then, watch as these happy dreams start coming true!” The key is to be very selective about your thoughts. Also, be extra careful about what you say out loud. As a child of God, your words have creative power! Only say what you really want. Then, wait for the miracles to happen!

Learning to be glad for the good things

I used to go through life like I was wearing dark glasses, viewing the downside of everything and keeping myself depressed. Imagining future crises. This affected my closest relationships and drained all the joy from my life. Sadly, I missed out on lots of present-moment happiness. Then one day I heard God say clearly:  “Don’t be greedy, always wishing for that one more thing that you think you missed out on. Be grateful instead! Look around you right now. See all the wonderful blessings you have in your life at THIS VERY MOMENT. Be very glad for them. Don’t rob yourself of these great joys! You worked so hard to get to this good place. You are also in a happier place than when you went through those really painful things in the past. However, in getting through those times, you developed courage and strong muscles!  Now—use that strength and make your commitment to be glad, not greedy!” Right away, I felt peaceful.