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Life as Art

Sitting in the cool Upstate New York evening, staring across at the calm, quiet bean field, now on fire from the early September sun, I feel linked with all of Life. And I realize that somewhere in this world, this sun is just rising! It hits me like an ice-cold shower on a frosty October morning at Camp Cutler, the boy scout camp just north of Naples New York where my son and I spent one happy, beautiful and memorable week. I see now, today, that there are always at least two ways of viewing the same thing. You can view it as good, or you can view it as "bad." What I propose to do for the remainder of my earthly life is to put the best possible construction on every situation. To an artist that is like putting a pure gold frame around even the simplest painting. Something like "The Miller" by Millet...or "Woman Bathing," by Degas.   These are simple subjects, painted by a pure eye. Life is how you frame it . In its purest form, Life just IS. But hum

Core of Courage

I’m standing in front of the sliding glass doors next to my giant crimson poinsettia plant on New Year’s Day, looking across my balcony at the pale gray condos opposite. One balcony is trimmed with ropes of evergreen along the railing. The sky above is robin’s egg blue. Through a stand of trees off to the southwest, I see the golden glimmers of a fading sun. We made it through the family holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. I’m still alive! In a minute, I will plug in the tiny white Christmas lights all around these giant windows and play the James Taylor CD, “Hourglass.” Every day now I practice “breathe / let go” and get more grounded in my true self…more centered in my own heart. Every time in the past, at least 7,000 times, when I’ve said “Bye! See you soon!” to each of my children, I have always seen her again / seen him again. And, as God assures me, we will all three be TOGETHER FOREVER IN ETERNITY. “What part of ‘eternity’ do you not understand? –G