Life as Art

Sitting in the cool Upstate New York evening, staring across at the calm, quiet bean field, now on fire from the early September sun, I feel linked with all of Life. And I realize that somewhere in this world, this sun is just rising!

It hits me like an ice-cold shower on a frosty October morning at Camp Cutler, the boy scout camp just north of Naples New York where my son and I spent one happy, beautiful and memorable week. I see now, today, that there are always at least two ways of viewing the same thing. You can view it as good, or you can view it as "bad."

What I propose to do for the remainder of my earthly life is to put the best possible construction on every situation. To an artist that is like putting a pure gold frame around even the simplest painting. Something like "The Miller" by Millet...or "Woman Bathing," by Degas.  These are simple subjects, painted by a pure eye.

Life is how you frame it. In its purest form, Life just IS. But human beings constantly analyze/value/compare/comment on everything they see. FROM THIS POINT ON, I shall consider everything contained in my life as a work of art to be valued.


  1. from Marsha: "These stories are giving me the peace I needed. It's phenomenal! I've never read anything like them. Perfect timing!"

    1. Thank you, Marsha! Your comments are beautiful and life-giving. God bless you!


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