See from God's Perspective

More and more I'm seeing this life on earth as “School.” Maybe God's Ark is a floating university! I’m going to need to re-take some courses there I've already taken.

Currently, I'm learning to look for God’s Perspective and to practice not making a mountain out of a molehill. When a loved one and I experience a misunderstanding, it's just that. Not a catastrophic event. Misunderstandings do not mean the relationship is over or my life is ending.

A misunderstanding, or a mis-communication, can happen for any number of reasons. For example, maybe one—or both of you—is hypersensitive, or even overstressed at the moment. You may have read something into someone else's comment that was not intended. They could say, "I'm working on organizing my finances." You could interpret that to imply you are being financially irresponsible!

If I'm feeling stressed or depressed for other reasons, my "radio receiver" may not be accepting clear messages. I could be receiving lots of static. Best to wait until I'm clearer before responding. Now, I ask God to show me what response (if any) I need to make.

God’s exact words: "Don't make a mountain out of a molehill. Don't add your own stress to the pile; then, the molehill will stay a molehill, easily gotten over. You'll have the energy to deal with real mountains when you need to."

Requirements for Course #101, “Keep a Godly Perspective”:
· Read God's Words often.
· Memorize as much of God’s words and wisdom as you can.
· Try to think like God thinks.

I'm going to need to take the Refresher Course often.


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