Just Breathe

When my mind tells me, “I can’t do this!” I know I’m pushing myself too hard. I need to slow down...take a rest.

Once again, God says: “You’re not dying. You’re just tired! Take a <Pause>. Give yourself a restful break. After that, you’ll be able to see more clearly the people around you and how to best relate to them.  Feel how they’re feeling. Solutions to the issues will come.

Go sit in your quiet place and Just Breathe.

My quiet place is a purple yoga mat with pictures all around me of my beloved children and of the ocean.

Just – Breathe. In. Out.

Take three long breaths. Or, more. If I can swing it, I take a restful nap.

After that, to get energized, I go for a run or a walk along the beach. Just the sight of a brilliant sun on the water and a lovely breeze calms me.

After that, I begin to see clearly the next important steps I need to take.

Suddenly, it all becomes do-able!

Remember to always picture the best outcome.

Then, celebrate every accomplishment.

Then, you WIN!


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