An Angel Named Marge

I met Marge shortly after I became a brand-new Christian. To keep my new faith strong, I had begun listening to Christian radio. One day the announcer mentioned a Monday evening prayer meeting at the home of Marge and Ed. This was a “God-wink” (a surprise blessing) since their house was only a few blocks away from my apartment!

I began showing up every Monday night for praise and powerful prayer. Often, tears would stream down someone’s face as they knelt for prayer and met the Healer (the Holy Spirit). At the end of each meeting we all stood in a circle holding hands and singing the “Our Father” (“The Lord’s Prayer”). On these nights I felt like I had been transported into Heaven!

Marge and I became close friends. She had the strong faith I first saw in my grandmother Lorena, the first person ever to tell me about God. Marge began sharing with me some amazing stories from her own life….

The noisy prayer meeting

One Monday night as the prayer group was ending their time of worship and singing praise songs, there came a knock on the door. Marge answered. Two policemen stood there looking stern. One said, “We just received a call from one of your neighbors. They said the noise coming from your home is disturbing the peace. Would you please keep it quiet from now on?” Marge graciously invited them in, and they both stepped inside.

Suddenly, one of the officers fell down on the living room rug, clutching his chest. Someone called an ambulance. Marge said, “Let’s all pray!”

Everyone gathered around the man and began praying to God for his healing. Then, their voices rose in a beautiful chorus of praise to God.

Suddenly, the man opened his eyes and looked up. Relief showed in his eyes. He sat up. Then, he smiled and stood up. “Thank you. I feel just fine now.”

When the ambulance driver and attendant showed up, Marge ushered them in. After hearing the story of the man’s amazing recovery (the man’s doctor later confirmed the cause had been a heart attack)—they, too, joined in the praise and worship service with the now-healed officer.

God does hear and answer prayer!

Bobby’s Amazing Birth

Marge birthed 12 children. When her 12th child was due to be born, her doctor advised her to terminate the baby. He said, “If you have this child, you will die! It will be too much for your body.”

Marge responded to the doctor: “I understand your concern. However, I have prayed to God, and God told me: ‘This baby wants and needs to be born!’”

Marge went ahead with the pregnancy, trusting totally in her Lord to carry both her and her baby through it safely.

When Marge went to the hospital for the birth, something went awry. She does not remember exactly what happened; she just totally blacked out.

Later when Marge woke up she was lying on a slab in the basement of the hospital. She was in the morgue, with a sheet pulled over her head. Marge had died. (The doctor had declared her clinically dead, she found out later.)

But now, here she was, alive--alive and awake! She collected herself and shook off the sheet. Then, Marge found her way to the elevator and rode up to the main floor of the hospital.

Her baby boy was born in perfect health. Bobby Claffey grew up healthy and strong and very strong in his faith. He became a powerful minister of God.

I really would have liked to have seen the look on her doctor’s face when she showed up at his office that day…. 

Now, Marge tells all believers: “The Lord will accomplish all that concerns you. Trust Him!” And, then she adds: Don’t let the enemy steal your joy!”


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